Do you really need a chatbot?

Do you really need a chatbot? Consider these 3 advantages of AI bot

Technology is becoming an imperative part of our lives nowadays. Companies too are taking a step forward by using chatbots for administration. This brings forth a surge of uncertainty and curiosity among potential buyers of chatbots. Therefore through this article we will try our best to clear this nagging question, “ Do you really need it?”.

Artificial Intelligence comes in many forms and is re-shaping how we use technology to simplify the world around us

By 2020, 80% of the businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation implemented (Business Insider, 2016). What possibly could be the reason for this sudden interest? The answer to this is the myriad advantages that come with the application of chatbots. From customer care to banking, you name it, this technology is being used in every sector.

Customer Care is one of the suitable departments handed over to it which, consequently reduces the business’ spend on customer service by 30%, estimates IBM. Moreover bot could save businesses up to £6 billion per year.(Juniper Research,2017) Besides monetary gains it also helps the staff to focus on more complex problems at hand rather than answer the repetitive questions of customers. 

Till now we have discussed the perks availed by the businesses using bots, let’s see how the inclusion of chatbots benefits the customers. 

Marketing made easier

AI Bot is the first medium through which a customer interacts with a company therefore the companies make it a point to make a voice assistant as user friendly as possible. What’s more, maximum people can’t make out whether it’s a ai bot or a human they are talking to! They act as virtual Assistants answering queries and guiding consumers with their purchases.

AI is now being used to analyze applicant data to efficiently narrow down candidates, to facilitate consistent contact with candidates

24/7 service

Chatbots provide a flexible 24 hour service to your customers. Therefore, even if you are closed, the bots will relentlessly answer your customer’s queries in a matter of seconds( now what’s better than a happy customer!!) In fact customers prefer communicating through chatbots for quick answers even during odd hours rather than relying on a human’s whims.

Personal Touch

Worried about updating your chatbot regularly to keep in touch with your customer’s demands? Well, fret not because it’s perfectly possible for a chatbot to self learn or more accurately it is the Artificial Intelligence that develops through neural networks and builds the chatbot.

So let us ask you again, “Does your business really need an AI Bot?”. Besides convenience for both the customers as well as the business, it can also save the company billions of dollars in the years to come. With heaps of money to save and happy customers in its wake, we ask you “WHAT’S NOT THERE TO LIKE?”!!!!!

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