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Latest: The Messenger Guest Mode allows Businesses to connect with Non-Facebook users

Facebook introduced a new feature for it’s messenger. This new Customer Chat plugin feature namely the Guest mode, allows site guests to have conversations with businesses FB pages without signing into their Messenger account. Businesses can react to visitor talks from their Facebook inbox until the client closes the visit meeting. After the client closes the meeting the chat will be inaccessible. 

It is to be noted that messages still remain on the browser for 24 hours unless the chat is closed. Once the client closes the chat, the businesses won’t be able to send messages to that guest account. However, the conversation would still exist in the business’s inbox till they delete it. 

The new guest mode interface as seen on Mobile Devices

When using the Guest mode, you don’t need to share information like name, email address, or other Facebook account information with the business. Any message sent from such sources would be received with the username of ‘Guest’ and a random number unique to the user. Once the conversation is complete and closed, the guest account will be marked for deletion and will be deleted within 32 days.

Messaging is presently a favored method to have conversations with a business with regards to client support. Some 64% of individuals across various ages state they’d preferably message a business over call or email. 

Yet, messaging applications aren’t just support tools. Numerous organizations have utilized Facebook Messenger to drive results over the client venture—from building attention to securing deals. 

The New Customer Chat Plugin on Desktop Web view

Benefits of the Messenger:

1. Give quality client support

Digital locals anticipate that your business should be on the web and accessible. In a worldwide overview run by Facebook, over 70% of individuals said they hope to have the option to message organizations for client care. Furthermore, over 59% hope to message organizations to make buys. 

Here are the means by which customers use Facebook Messenger, as indicated by a Facebook research survey: 

  • Over 81% of respondents message organizations to get some information about items or administrations 
  • Some 75% of respondents message organizations for help 
  • Over 74% of respondents message business to make a buy

2. Build trust in your brand 

It’s basic. In the event that your organization is available to dialogue exchange, your organization is simpler to trust. 

What’s more, that trust can be earned on reputation alone. In a survey by Facebook, most of the individuals who message organizations state that this option encourages them to feel more sure about a brand. Simply realizing informing is accessible is sufficient for certain clients. 

Imagine you’re going to make a major buy. If you need to pick between an organization with support and another without, which would you pick? Which one would you come back to? Obviously, when individuals begin informing organizations, it regularly turns into their top method to contact organizations. 

3. Produce excellent leads 

At the point when somebody contacts you on Facebook Messenger, it makes an open door for your business to develop. Each message traded is an opportunity to learn significant data about a client that can help construct a drawn out relationship.

Most businesses don’t really consider Facebook Messenger as a priority. But messenger is where customers will most likely reach out with their questions that need to be answered, including those that may be preventing them from purchasing.

Fast, attentive customer service and engagement here can make a huge impact on those messaging you, which in turn can have a very big and very positive impact on your brand, too.

Facebook’s new guest plugin can be used by businesses to tie with bigger networks, by running their own page to reach the desired customers. These features can regularly offer further incorporations with different administrations the business may need to improve work area programming, generate leads and deals, and the sky is the limit from there.

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