Chatbots are bringing changes and opportunities to enable people to excel in their businesses.

Will chatbots completely kill websites and mobile apps?

In an age where websites and mobile apps are the new norms, a basic representation of a firm or a business, basically everything, such a statement might sound a bit far fetched. You might think that yes, chatbots are necessary, especially after all the articles that we previously published, but replacing websites and mobile apps?? Maybe not. Cause we are here to tell you that it is absolutely possible and will be in effect by the next few years.

Every Business Is Going to Have a Bot

You may not know this, but messaging apps are growing fast. With Facebook messenger having more than 1.3 billion active users over 100000 messenger chatbots are already being used.

There are two ways businesses can talk to people on messaging apps.

  • The business sets up something similar to a call center where real people are chatting online (on the official website of your business) all day long. This isn’t cost-effective and 99% of businesses can never do this.
  • The business uses a computer to talk to everyone. The computer can respond instantly, can communicate with any number of people simultaneously, and it’s incredibly cost-effective. These computers are called bots. Also, there would be no worries about the website crashing, since a chatbot can entertain n number of people together.

Bots Will Be Faster Than Websites and Mobile Apps

Even though presently chatbots don’t understand everything you are saying, but with the advancing technology chatbots will self learn using neural networks.

  • It can take seconds, or even up to a minute, to load a website. Bots load instantly. As long as two products are comparable in value, people will always use the one that loads the fastest. In this case, that would be the bot.
  • Mobile apps need to be downloaded. They take up valuable real estate on your phone and they take time to download. Bots don’t need to be downloaded. You just send them a message and you’re using it.
Chatbots will never become more popular than websites and mobile apps

Bots Will Be Easier to Use Than Any Other Technology Ever Created

Not every website and mobile apps are designed the same. This means that you constantly have to learn new visual interfaces in order to use your favorite products. Language is the most natural interface humans understand, and that’s the interface that bots use. Instead of needing to constantly learn visual interfaces, ai bots will enable us to naturally use language, the first interface we were ever taught.

In the future, talking to a bot will be like talking to a real person who has instant access to entire databases of information and can process your thoughts and desires instantly, instead of scrolling through the website yourself. Each business needs to get a bot. This will probably happen on the grounds that bots are the main versatile path for organizations to speak with individuals on message applications. Bots need to give as much worth, in their own specific manner, as a site or a versatile application. AI and natural language processing often referred to as artificial intelligence, need to get enough with the goal so that conversing with a bot is more powerful than conversing with a human.

The significance of chatbots in business is expanding step by step. Every day some new developments are being made, which make chatbots prevailing over different administrations. Gartner reports that by 2020, 85% of client interchanges will be done without the impedance of individuals. Chatbots were presented in the market in 2016, and in under a half year, the conspicuous tech organizations either propelled their own chatbots or presented different bot improvement stages.

Therefore it’s inevitable that chatbots are the future of technology and they will make our world easier if, of course, used judiciously.

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